Are supernatural abilities the spawn of the devil, or a gift from the Divine?

This is the question for Addie, gifted with a healing touch and caught between her parents, Jake and Rose Sawyer, who sharply disagree on the source of her gifts.

Growing up in an Oregon coastal town in the 40’s, Addie at age five sees her grandpa’s ghost at his funeral.   Jake is horrified, and Rose captivated. When Addie later reveals an electrifying healing touch, her parents’ conflicts over religious beliefs escalate, and the strictly literal Bible church founded by Jake’s family gets involved. Addie, caught in the middle, assumes as children will, that she is the reason for her parents’ battles, and tries to give up her healing gift.

When Magdalena, a famous healer from Finland, visits and becomes her mentor and friend, Addie’s is determined to make healing her life work. But when her healing touch saves her brother Joe’s life, and the church gets wind of it, all hell breaks loose.

Addie struggles to save her family, understand her unique gifts, and plan a course for her future, while dealing with the calamities triggered by each of her parents.


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