About the Author

Judy Allen

The question of how healing happens has been a fire in the bones for author Judith Allen since her early years growing up on the northern Oregon coast. In fifteen years as Director of the Reed Miracles Center and The Healing Place (an Attitudinal Healing Center) in Portland, Oregon, she has met and sponsored many healers, and learned a great deal about the nature and practice of healing.

Her 30-year career in educational research, writing, speaking and teaching includes a PhD in Psychology of Instruction, publication in many academic journals and magazines, a number of textbooks, and a non-fiction account of her own miraculous recovery in the 1980’s from metastasized cancer, The Five Stages of Death and Dying Getting Well. This is her first novel.

After retiring to Manzanita on the Oregon coast with her husband, Jack, in 2004, Allen focused on her first work of fiction, which has become her first novel. She continues to explore the dynamics of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

She is currently working on a sequel to the novel, as well as a memoir.



One response to “About the Author

  1. Liz Cole

    Judy, just want to send big congratulations on your book; what a wonderful thing! I regret that I’ll miss the launch on Jan 28, as I’ll be in Seattle doing Poulenc’s “Babar the Elephant” at a Seattle Chamber Music Festival (fun!). But I know there’ll be masses of friends there on the Friday night to give your book a great send-off. Very best wishes to you,

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