Great Reviews Still Coming In

Click on the “Reviews” tab above to read the reviews of some who have read the novel.

And please add your own by clicking on the Comment link below.

On another note, my 9-year-old granddaughter Gracey is avidly reading the novel, which surprised me, as I hadn’t anticipated the strong responses I’m getting from young adult and middle school-age readers. She showed me which chapter she was currently reading–she’s more than halfway through–and said, “Oh, and I found a typo on page 5.”

She was right. I had found it, too, and the second edition, out now, has corrected it. Yet another advantage of Print On Demand.

Now I’m wondering–should I give her another, corrected copy? Or let it forever stand in her library as is, evidence of her sharp eyes and discernment.

Her sister Kelley has just turned 13, and is also now reading the book. Her question: “what genre is this book?” (She’s doing a book report, it turns out.)

Both kids liked and could relate to the characters.



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4 responses to “Great Reviews Still Coming In

  1. Kelley Edwards

    haha I don’t like it grandma, I LOVE it. It’s great.

    • judyallen

      I loved your comments about it, at Anthony’s. Now I’m starting to think young teens might be a really good audience for this book. Let me know how your friends like it.

  2. You have such a gift. There truly is a writing gene and you are blessed with it. I love hanging out with little Judy and then having your current self chime in. How do you remember so many details, like the whole Blue Willow plate thing? Do you have to research it or are your memories that clear? Your writing really puts me in a place. I don’t know if it’s because I have a real life experience of the locale or if it’s your superb ability to describe the experience of the senses, but I could really feel the silver and gold. Keep writing.

    • judyallen

      Thank you! It feels so good to share these memories. Yes, I remember much of it, but did research the artifacts of the time. I remember getting “premiums” with gas or groceries, usually a glass or a piece of a set of dinnerware, and remember how Mom coveted the blue willow plates. I know we had some, at some point. The tiny details may or may not be strictly accurate–certainly not precise enough to keep me from getting kicked off Oprah. I’m not sure if the poison gas was cyanide or mustard gas, but I know it was one of the two. Wes would probably have known, but only two of us remain. So my memories may remain mostly unchallenged. Too bad.

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