Personality Transplant Successful!

Ask any writer. To go from the writing cave in which I have sequestered myself for the past…oh, maybe five or seven years?…to the public arena in order to promote and market the book now that it’s published requires a personality transplant.

Today I realized my personal automatic transplant rejection mechanism has been overcome, and the transplant is successful!

How do I know this? Because in the past few days I have personally sold my novel to 1) my dentist’s mother (while having my teeth cleaned), 2) the waiter in a posh restaurant where we had a gift certificate (I figure the tip covered the cost of the book), and 3) today, the tech support woman who talked me through getting my Android smart (?) phone back on line so I could upload pictures. There was a lot of waiting time involved, while things re-booted. She ended up eager to download the digital version of my book to her Kindle.

It helps that my husband Jack is adept at using Photoshop and has made slick and colorful business cards and bookmarks for the novel, with book ordering and blog information on the front, and a synopsis, photo, and bio on the back. When I hand them out to all and sundry, they get interested.



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2 responses to “Personality Transplant Successful!

  1. Hey Judy – so funny, this post, and you’re my role model! I hope I can get a personality transplant someday….

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