Judith B. Allen

Judith B. Allen

Announcing Publication

I am pleased to announce the publication of my novel, Looking Through Water, by Judith B. Allen. It is available in bookstores (locally at Cloud & Leaf or Ekahni Books in Manzanita, or Powell’s in Portland), or online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, or Virtual Bookworm.

The novel may be downloaded as a digital book for Kindle, Nook, or iPad .

To order, ask in your local bookstore, or go to one of the website links over there–>



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4 responses to “Published!

  1. Kelley Edwards

    hey grandma,
    i was wondering if well actually are u gonna send some copies to us like u did with your other books? Because i sorta wanna read it. i mean it looks good. hope to see you soon! love you!
    -your favorite grandchild, kelley

  2. Allen Fulmer

    Way to go Judy!
    I so admire your determination overcoming all the hurdles encountered on the path to accomplish something so special.
    I ordered a copy online immediately; Amazon had only four left. It should arrive here next week and plan to take my copy to the outpatient facility for daily IV. I am sure it will make the time go faster.


  3. judyallen

    Don’t you have a birthday coming right up???

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